Company Update

Hello All,

I hope this correspondence finds each of you well and excited for the upcoming season!

As the company grows, it will become harder and harder for me to keep everyone of you informed about how the company is doing and what direction we are headed in. Thus I have decided to start doing what I am doing now, typing a “blog post” style letter to all of you that will not only be shared internally, but also externally, posted to our website for all who are interested to read; I believe that one, whether they be a potential partner or client, might be interested in something like this because it gives them a good idea about the company and the culture we embrace.

As the start of the 2022 season draws closer and closer, I wanted to touch base and provide a brief company overview. Excluding myself, UL&L is now a 21 person company, which is nuts. Hearing this, some of you may be wondering how the heck we have been able to grow so quickly (I promise it isn’t due to luck… okay maybe a little luck thrown in there, but that’s business)?

We have been able to grow so rapidly because of how we have approached the lawn and landscape industry and running a business in general; we have committed ourselves to what I call the three pillars of business. The three pillars are as follows: #1 provide the best possible product to our clients (from a client service and physical, end product standpoint), #2 treat our employees and partners just as good as our clients, because #1 can not happen without #2 and #3, be a force for good within our greater community. We will elaborate on what these three pillars mean in more detail at our welcome back meeting on June 4th (new employees, please put this in your calendars, as this is a mandatory, all day affair). I write about these pillars, because as the 2022 season approaches, we must continue to commit ourselves to #1 and #2; we must double down! Without #1 and #2 we are just like everyone else and furthermore, we cannot do #3 nearly as effectively.

So to wrap things up, I would like to formally welcome John, Jon, Nate, Silas, Bobby and Stephen to the team, because that’s what we are, a team: we win together, lose together and we always have each other’s backs, always! I would also like to welcome every
returning employee back as well, you guys have helped build the company into what it is today and will continue to be an integral part in building its future.

I have never been more excited about this company and its future than I am at this very moment in time. We are all a part of something great, something unique, something beautiful and that is something that you should all be proud of, for what we have done up until this point is nothing compared to what we will do in the future!

I look forward to seeing each of you more and more as the season picks up.

Sincerely yours,
Sam Viggiani
Uber Lawns & Landscape, Owner


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