Lawn Care Services

Gold Package

Weekly: Includes mowing, string trimming & edging of walkways.

Silver Package

Weekly: Includes mowing & string trimming.

Landscaping Services

Softscape Landscaping

Includes services such as bed cleanup, bed design, planting, and mulching.

Hardscape Landscaping

Includes services such as patio, walkway, and raised bed design/creation.

Property Care

Garden Maintenance

Bi-Weekly or Monthly: Done by our licensed and trained horticulturists, this service includes watering, feeding, pruning of perennial plants, hedge, bush, and tree trimming, as well as weeding and other miscellaneous tasks.


Spring and/or Fall: This service includes the creation of small holes in your lawn to allow air, water, seed, and other nutrients to reach the grassroots. This results in a greener, thicker lawn.

Seasonal Displays

Seasonal Displays

Done by our licensed and trained horticulturists, these are created in the spring and fall and are sure to spruce up any entryway, or garden bed.


Spring and Fall Cleanups

Includes leaf and other organic debris removal in the spring and fall.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Done by our partners in the space, we help you keep your gutters free and clear to stop your home or building from incurring water damage.

Snow Services

Plowing, Shoveling and Salting

Includes the clearing of snow from driveways and walks, as well as the deicing of the same surfaces.


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