You Are Appreciated

Hello Everyone,
This is only the second time I have written a company-wide, “blog post” style letter, with the first being written just over two years ago. And like last time, this letter will be shared to our website. I remain steadfast in my belief that whether someone may be a potential partner and/or client that they may find a letter like this telling of our company’s character.

Interestingly and coincidentally, I believe that the company finds itself at a pivotal point in its history, just like when the first letter was penned. Two years ago we were a young, rapidly growing company that was doing everything in its power to correctly manage its growth. We cannot kid ourselves and claim that we have been perfect at all times these past two years, but we can claim (proudly so) that we showed up every day and strived for perfection. It is this endless strive for perfection, this near obsession with it, that sets us apart from the rest. Our commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients is what guided us two years ago and what still guides us today.

Today we are still a rapidly growing company, but no longer young. We are now a company that has earned the trust of our clients, partners and community; a company that has proudly earned a number of accolades and acknowledgments. But we are also a company that has learned how to manage its growth, a company that knows how to provide the best possible service to our clients. When we stumble is when we lose sight of these things that we know how to do so well. This is why we find ourselves at another pivotal moment, because we cannot lose sight of what makes us great; we cannot become complacent in our success.

I believe that we have a very successful season and year ahead of us. The leadership team has done a lot of planning and preparing over the winter. We have some fantastic new additions to the team, company wide, that have already made a positive impact. I have never felt like we have been in a better place going into the spring rush than we are now; now we execute. Thank you all for the hard work that you have and will continue to put in. You are appreciated.

Sincerely yours,
Sam Viggiani
Uber Lawns & Landscape, Owner


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